Call your Artarmon plumber.  Call with confidence!

Plumbing needs experienced plumbers to fix it properly, that’s why you need Drain Doctor Plumbing.  With our fully equipped trucks and a large team of plumbers, we get to you fast and fix your plumbing fast – call us with confidence, knowing the job will be done properly! If you live on the eastern side of Artarmon Station in a 1930’s Californian bungalow and need a plumber call your local Artarmon plumber, Drain Doctor Plumbing.  Or if you live on the western side of the station, in an apartment block and need a plumber call us too!  We have been servicing Artarmon for over 16 years and have seen all types of plumbing problems which we have fixed quickly and professionally.

Emergency Blocked Drain and Hot Water Service in Artarmon

At Drain Doctor Plumbing we take your pipes seriously and know what it is like if something goes wrong and how that can impact your life. You don’t realise how important running water is until you don’t have it anymore. Although too much running water is as much or even more of a problem than none at all. We want to make sure that neither of these situations will cause problems for you and if they are will will solve it ASAP. If the job is more complexed don’t hesitate to call us as we will give you a free quote on what we can do and walk you through the process. When your ready to get the job done give us a call.
Plumbing Service available in Artarmon - this is the map