North Shore

Protect your castle with your North Shore Plumber

When you call us, you speak with a qualified plumber who will immediately assess your plumbing problem and offer you several solutions.  We will also give you pricing over the phone, so you know exactly how much it will cost and to help you make a decision as to which solution to choose.  This gives you peace of mind that your plumbing issues have been properly assessed.

Your house is your castle. Your house is also one of your largest assets, that’s why you need a professional plumber who takes the same care and attention to your house as you do.  When it comes to plumbing, we know you really are out of your depth.  And that is why you need your local North Shore plumber.

Emergency Plumbing Service on Sydney’s North Shore

All our trucks are fully equipped for any emergency or plumbing problem, so no more waiting around for the plumber to get back to you! Drain Doctor Plumbers are always ready for any emergency so if your toilet is flooded, your sink is has turned into a fountain or maybe your hot water system has said “no hot water for you”. We will be in the North Shore and can quickly get to your place to help, so just give us a call and we will be there in a flash.

Our plumbing service covers the North Shore of Sydney