Gutters and Rain Water Tanks – your part in recycling!

Many of us don’t take too much notice of our gutters and downpipes around the house, except the times when they rust or are blocked.  They play an important part in controlling rainwater runoff from your roof. The damage they can cause is immense, with gallons of water running under the house or through the garden.

That’s why you need the team at Drain Doctor Plumbing to quickly unblock and mend the offending gutters and downpipes quickly so the damage to your property is minimised.  We can also recommend different gutter systems and can supply Colorbond, zinc or other ‘made to order’ products.

With our 16 years’ of experience, we can quickly assess your houses gutters and downpipes, locate the blockage or problem and ensure they are substantial to carry the volume of water from your roof.

…Rain Water Tanks too!

With Sydney’s long, harsh summers and our love of the garden, the rain water tank is the perfect solution.  It’s great for the environment in reusing rainwater to ensure our gardens flourish but we can also use the water for grey water areas like the toilet or the laundry.  It also reduces your use of the catchment area water and minimises resources to get the water to your household.  Now you can say you really are doing your bit for the environment!